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What is Companionship Care?

Companionship Care is when a trained carer provides personal company to help you with social engagement. More often than not, elderly people find themselves lonely and isolated. This may lead to depression and often slows down recovery from illnesses. At Emerge Healthcare, we offer highly trained Companionship carers for your convenience.

How it works

When you need Companionship care, our team will first meet with you to find out about your personality, likes, tastes and preferences. We will then try as much as possible to get a person who matches your likes and interests and who is of your own personal choice.

Companionship Care may include the following

  • Meal prep
  • Walking, watching TV, cinema etc
  • Games – Chess, Sudoku etc
  • Shopping
  • Light household chores
  • Attending social gatherings

Who Needs Companionship Care?

As people get older, they tend to lose contact with their friends and loved ones. While people associate home care with the sick and the physically challenged, the elderly and the lonely need care too. Social isolation is becoming an epidemic in the UK. The elderly are having to battle loneliness. This often leads to a state of being unwell both mentally and physically.

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Why Emerge Companionship Care?
  • Highly trained carers – Our Carers are highly trained professionals and we adhere to CQC standards.
  • Flexibility – You are free to choose the carer you are comfortable with as well as times and duration of the visits.
  • Discreet – Our Carers are very discreet, value your dignity and respect your boundaries to help you maintain your independence.

You are free to choose the level of care you need